One of the HARDEST mini-games. The number of Zombies is rather immense, and one plant seed fills the column with the plant. 



  • Potato Mine
  • Tall-nut
  • Melon-pult
  • Magnet-shroom
  • Coffee Bean
  • Chomper
  • Squash
  • Flower Pot
  • Jalapeno
  • Pumpkin


  • Zombie
  • Conehead Zombie
  • Buckethead Zombie
  • Football Zombie
  • Jack-in-the-box Zombie
  • Ladder Zombie
  • Gargantuar


From the start, you only have 1 Potato Mine, Tall-nut, Magnet-shroom, and Coffee Bean in the entire game. Lay it out like this from the start:

M M M M [U] P [T] _ _

(M =  Melon-pult, U = Magnet-shroom, P = Potato Mine, T = Tall-nut, _ = empty, [] = Pumpkin. )

Clone this for the entire Map.

Now, do something with the empty spaces. Save Flower Pots, Squash, and Jalapenos for emergencies. Use Chompers in the 8th Column, and kill ladders with instants before they reach the tall-nuts, otherwise they'll use your Potato Mines and eat your magnet-shrooms, which are very important. Pumpkin your Melon Pults as well to shield them from imps. Kill Gargantuars as soon as possible with squash and jalapeno, because otherwise the damage caused by them will be heavy. 

Chilli FreeEdit

To get this, complete this minigame without using jalapenos. This achievement is really hard to complete; use this strategy to complete:

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