248px-Last Stand

Earns $8000+ per 5 flags!

Last Stand is a great place to do Gold Farming, and this strategy proves it.

Plants UsedEdit

  • Garlic- To divert Zombies to other lanes due to low range of the Gloom-shroom.
  • Gold Magnet- Collect money. That's the purpose of gold Farming!
  • Marigold- Same as Gold Magnet.
  • Pumpkin- I sometimes forget that this is even a plant.
  • Gloom Shroom- To prevent damage to Marigolds.


Gloom-shrooms are chosen because they have a 3x3 square AoE attack and do a lot of damage as well. The Pumpkins are for pole vaulters and zombies that appear from underwater. The two Gold Magnets are enough to collect most of the coins (You may have to collect a few yourself). Note that you shouldn't use the Coffee Bean on the Magnet-shrooms, because Gold Magnets are not considered mushrooms and don't sleep during the day.

This strategy is only ruined by the occasional Jack Explosions.


This setup earns approximately $8500 every 5 flags. It is, by far, the best gold farming strategy for Last Stand.