This Last Stand Strategy, while it looks incredibly easy, it actually works but requires some skill and timing.

Plants NeededEdit

  • Easypopcorn

    Easy Popcorn!

    Kernel Pults (for upgrading)
  • Cob Cannon
  • Tall-nuts
  • Instants
    • Potato Mine- Extremely required
  • Pumpkin (actually, not exactly required)
  • Lily Pad
  • Wall Nut (exeptional)


Plant 6 Cob Cannons. Then put Tall-nut in front of every one. You will notice that you cannot plant one. Switch it for a Wall-nut or Potato Mine it. I kinda messed up in the picture, the row with no Tall-nut should be on land, not in the pool. Anyway, begin the onslaught, and once you clear it, use the sun for a Tall-nut or Pumpkin. Saving it for instants can also be done.

The only way this strategy can be ruined is the that the Dolphin Rider is very fast and without proper timing, BOOM! you lost a minigame.


  • This can be used for people desperate to finish the stage quickly.
  • This strategy earns the Defcorn 5 and Pyromaniac achievements on the iPad version of Plants vs. Zombies.