This is my Fire Gatling Strategy for Last Stand. It is so powerful that Magnet-shrooms are not required, and it deals with most Zombies easily.



Gatling Pea



Lily Pad


Instant-kills (optional)

Least Seed Slots: 6.


Plant two Garlics in the top row and two in the bottom row, then plant two Gatling Peas in every row except the Garlic Rows. Place a Torchwood in front of each pair of Gatling Peas and then a Tall-nut in front of that. Replace Garlics and Tall-nuts when necessary and use any instant-kills you chose to deal with the only real threats: Footballers and Screen Door Zombies. Use the Instant-kills ONLY in an emergency.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ g g

GG t T _ _ _ _ _

GG t T _ _ _ _ _

GG t T _ _ _ _ _

GG t T _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ g g

_=Open space. g=Garlic. G=Gatling Pea. t=Torchwood. T=Tall-nut.

An alternative is to sacrifice a Gatling Pea in each Pool row for a Repeater and put Magnet-shrooms behind the Garlics, which is more effective, but uses 8 Seed Slots.

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