Last Stand - Gloom-shroom & Garlic Build
280px-Last Stand Strategy
Created by Vductricon22


Last Stand (Mini-game)



The game can be won by planting in only two lanes. Take no aquatics nor instants (unless you want to). Plant two Garlics in the columns nearest to the zombies' side on rows 2 & 5. Cover the ground behind them with Gloom-shrooms. You're done! The zombies will have a nice walk in the rows 1, 3, 4 & 6. If zombies come in rows 2 & 5, they will be sent to the other rows, of course after clashing with a Garlic. One way to make this more effective is to add in Wall-nuts, Spikeweeds, and Spikerocks. Football Zombies are rather strong and may end up reaching the house, therefore losing the game. Putting Wall-nuts in lanes 1 and 6 all the way in the back will give you extra time to kill them (Pole Vaulting Zombies are not strong enough to be able to make it to the Wall-nuts). Placing Spikeweeds/Spikerocks directly in front of the Wall-nuts is effecive, but they can also be planted anywhere else within the lanes. Dolphin Riding Zombies are not strong enough or fast enough to make it to the house.

There is a weakness though, if Jack-in-the-Box zombies detonates, your defences could be ruined.


Last Stand Plants vs Zombies

Last Stand Plants vs Zombies