This Strategy will be focused on using Mushrooms Only to beat Last Stand Mini Game but without the use of pumpkins. Specifications:

  • No Pumpkins needed
  • Immune to almost every zombie that appears in Last Stand except Football Zombies and Pole-Vaulting Zombies
  • Relies heavily on the timing of Ice Shrooms and Scaredy Shrooms
  • Safe against those ambush Pool Zombies

Plants UsedEdit

Last Stand - Mushroom Only

  • Fume Shroom
  • Gloom Shroom
  • Cofee Bean
  • Magnet Shroom
  • Lily Pad
  • Ice Shroom
  • Scaredy Shroom
  • Imitater Saredy Shroom
  • Doom Shroom

Least number of Slots required: 8



  • You use Scaredy Shrooms to delay Pole-Vaulting Zombies and Football Zombies by making the Pole Vaulting Zombies waste their ability to jump and by delaying Football Zombies that are near the Glooms
  • Lily Pad solves the problem of having too many tough Pool Zombies by using it to waste the Dolphin Rider's Jump and by delaying other Pool Zombies
  • Use the free Spaces very wisely.