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The aim is to complete the minigame "Seeing Stars" before the 1st Flag Zombie appears.

Seeing Stars is a minigame at which the player must build starfruits at a definite pattern as shown in the picture.

Plants Needed:

  • Sunflower
  • Potato Mine
  • Puff shroom
  • Imitater Starfruit
  • Starfruit
  • 5 random plant just to fill in the slots needed to start the minigame
Shooting Star - Seeing Stars

Shooting Star - Seeing Stars

Begin by planting 4 sunflowers first before planting the Potato Mine. This will allow you to have the enough sun to plant the next sunflower once it recharges. Plant the 1st starfruit after you planted the 6th sunflower and from this point you should plant Starfruits after you plant sunflowers if you have enough sun to plant the Starfruit. You should keep on planting one sunflower everytime it recharges so that you can make the most of the sun you may get later on. Plant Starfruits if you have sun left after planting a sunflower and plant Imitater Starfruit if both Starfruit and Sunflower are recharging. make sure to gather all the sun and try to make sure nothing will vanish.