This level is easy since you have the Snow Pea. Snow Peas are good because they make the zombies slower. It's the 7th stage.


Difficulty: Easy

Plants UsedEdit

  • Snow Pea new.
  • Peashooter
  • Sunflower
  • Potato Mine
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Wall-nut
  • Twin Sunflower -replay-
  • Anything else -replay-

Zombies FoundEdit

  • Zombie
  • Conehead Zombie
  • Flag Zombie
  • Pole Vaulting Zombie

Number of Flags: 2


First PlayEdit

This level is the first of many to have multiple waves of zombies (only two), so save some Sun for Cherry Bombs for both waves. You can check your progress at the top of the screen. Use the new Snow Peas to defeat the Coneheads and Pole Vaulters with ease. A single one is enough to stop both. Because of their higher Sun cost, though, you may want to use more Sunflowers than normal. Note that there is no added benefit to using multiple Snow Peas in the same row. Once you have a Snow Pea base, the game basically plays itself.


As of the above, but use a Potato Mine to delay the Pole Vaunting Zombie