Almost the last night stage, please hold on longer or maybe throw your Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Xbox Live Arcade, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, PlayStation 3 and/or Windows Phone 7 outside the window if your sick of waiting.

Difficulty: Hard

Plants UsedEdit

  • Sun-shroom
  • Puff-shroom
  • Fume-shroom
  • Hypno-shroom
  • Grave Buster
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Wall-nut

Zombies FoundEdit

  • Zombie
  • Dancing Zombie
  • Conehead Zombie
  • Screen Door Zombie

Number of Flags: 2 / 3


First PlayEdit

Start out by planting Puff-shrooms as your early attacking plant. Since these are low-range, you'll eventually want to place long-range support plants behind them. For this reason, we'll break the "attackers at the left" rule and plant the first Puff-shrooms in columns 4 or 5 depending on the situation. Since this is a two-flag stage, there will be plenty of resources. For 3 full columns of Fume-shrooms.

S S F F F W . . .
S S F F F W . . .
S S F F F W . . .

S S F F F W . . .

S S F F F W . . .

  • W=Wall-nut</li></li>
  • S=Sun-Shroom</li></li>
  • F=Fume-Shroom</li>===Replay===

    Same as last stage, please read Stage 2-8 for details.