This strategy is quite simple and easy.


Set upEdit

Wave 1Edit

Put 2 sunflowers in Column 1 and 2. When the first zombie appears, you don't have enough sun to get a repeater, so plant a Potato mine in the 3rd column. Collect enough sun to buy a Repeater.When the second zombie appears, Place the Repeater in column 3 in the same lane as the zombie. Place 2 sunflowers behind it. when the third zombie appears, plant another Potato mine. when the 4th zombie appears, plant another repeater. place 2 sunflowers behind it. plant 3 more Repeaters, and place Sunflowers behind them. If you're licky, plant a Gatling pea on any Repeater. Plant a Twin SF on any Sunflower ASAP.

Wave 2Edit

Plant more Twin SF. When the first buckethead comes, add a Gatling or a Torchwood on column 5 to take it down. Get all Repeaters to GP ASAP. when done so, plant Torchwoods on column 5 with pumpkins on.

Wave 3Edit

Plant another column of repeaters on column 4. Keep planting Twin SF. when the chance is ready, add GP to the new repeaters. By the time this wave is complete, you may have all Twin SF planted. if not, You will definitely get them by wave 4. Speaking of...

Wave 4Edit

Not much to do here. Just add any more Twin SF and GP.

Wave 5.Edit

Nothing to do here. do whatever you want from here.