Here's a 10-cob strategy created by Repeater1919


  • This strategy uses a constant 2-2-2-2-2 Cycle, meaning that it fires 2 Cob Cannons at a time, a total of 5 times per complete Cob cycle.
  • This strategy generally requires 4 Twin Sunflowers.
  • Ice-shroom is used to prevent Ambush Pool Zombies to appear


  • This strategy uses Ice-shroom to prevent Ambush Zombies to appear.
  • Giga-Gargantuars will be killed most of the time before they reach your Cob Cannons. Stall them if they get too close.
  • Balloon Zombies will be killed most of the time before they get past your cobs; Blover is for backup.
  • Digger Zombies get killed by the Gloom-shrooms, though the pumpkins in the back still need a bit of maintenance.
  • Due to the Umbrella Leaf placement, the only Bungee Zombies you have to worry about are the ones trying to steal your pool plants, though Glooms can sometimes take care of those.
  • If your sun gets low, you will need more Sunflowers. Planting Sunflowers in column 7 helps if there's no Pole Vaulting Zombies or Giga-Gargantuars.


  • Tall-nuts are placed to prevent Dolphin Rider Zombies when your pool Glooms are killed.
  • 10 Cob Cannons make a good cycle


  • Cob Cannons on columns 5 and 6 are vulnerable against Dancing Zombies.