Basic 12 Cob Cannon StrategyEdit

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  • This is a Laddered Setup which means it uses Ladders to reduce pumpkin Maintenance.
  • when timed properly, this setup can survive even without sunflowers
  • Ice Shroom is used to prevent Ambush Pool Zombies to appear.


  • Very high DPS
  • No Sunflowers needed, really
  • 99% safe against bungees
  • Don't have to worry about missing coins because of the Gold Magnet
  • You don't even need a blover if you can do it right
  • Laddered
  • Easier to ladder/Setup than the 20 cob formation
  • Don't have to worry too much about Zombonies
  • Easy to avoid accidentally cobbing laddered plants


  • No Jalapenos
  • Dolphin riding zombies can eat cobs if you are NOT PAYING ATTENTION
  • Not 100%
  • No Doom Shrooms
  • Must maintain a very strict timing
  • Still hard to setup
  • You can not just have the game play itself otherwise everything will get ruined
  • Gold Magnets will get most coins, but takes long to be prepared to get more


12 cobs uses a constant

2 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 2 cycle

  • 2 - 2 cobs launched approx. 3 seconds before the round starts or approx. 6 seconds after the previous pair of cobs are launched.
  • an Ice shroom 4-5 sec. after the text appears should prevent those "ambush" Pool Zombies to appear.