The final stage for Vasebreaker. It is unfortunately Endless, thus there is no way of finishing this. However, it is a great chance to put your abilities to the test.

Difficulty: Incredibly Hard



Plants FoundEdit

  • Peashooter (x1)
  • Wall-nut (x1)
  • Snow Pea (x2)
  • Backwards Repeater (x6)
  • Threepeater (x2)
  • Squash (x6)
  • Plantern (x1)
  • Potato Mine (x1)
  • Cherry Bomb (By gaining Sun; see below)

Zombies FoundEdit

  • Zombie (x8, then -1 every 10 streaks)
  • Buckethead Zombie (x5)
  • Gargantuar (x1, then adds 1 every 10 streaks)
  • Imp (comes with Gargantuar)
  • Jack-in-the-Box Zombie (x1)

Others: Sun (Comes in 25/50/75)


Treat this like an endless Ace of Vase, just that you will have to have good Strategies for when Garg numbers increase. Good luck if you meet a Jack-In-The-Box-Zombie or a Gargantuar early on.